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Congratulations to Barrister Nkongho for deciding to embark on this very crucial and challenging venture.

Cameroon, a nation plagued by corrupt practices from the most important figure in the nation to the layman on the streets is in desperate need for a change in this respect.

I strongly agree with Prof. Ndiva Kofele Kale on the idea of elevating corruption to the level of an international crime. BUT my question is who is going to enforce this?. Have we even succeeded in enforcing national laws which by all indications favours these corrupt practices?

I mean we have to start with the basics, i.e fight this monster at the grassroots and put together laws that allow for this to be taken to the international level.

"Talking on Corruption under Cameroon Law, the Vice President of the South West Court of Appeal, Justice Rose Mbah Acha, stressed the National and International instruments that have been put in place to sanction corruption in Cameroon"- GREAT, EXCELLENT!

BUT, we will like to see this happen indiscrimately. Officials deemed as "corrupt" shouldn't only be arrested after years of accruing wealth simply because they either suddenly begin to pose a threat to the ruling government or no longer conform to the "gov't's" own very corrupt affairs...How about yearly AUDITS- SOX for example in America!....I like laws, BUT we need a solid, standardized process in place to get these guys BEFORE they accrue wealth and ship out of the nation.

Corruption and Violation of Human Rights- I think there's a need for those working on corruption and those working on the violation of human rights to strongly collaborate to determine where specific acts of corruption infringes upon one's rights....

Overall, I'm impressed for change doesn't happen over night. It takes courageous and dairing men like Barrister Nkongho to change this from a dream to a reality- Kudos!!!!!!!!!!!

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